Meeting trepidation

Update 3/22: The N&R puts my mind more at ease.

I’m going to attend tomorrow’s city held news conference at 11:00a which, according to an emailed news release, cryptically promises, “…a major announcement regarding the Greensboro Police Department.“  But here’s the thing… the wording of the announcement gives me pause.

In the current atmosphere of ongoing investigations by most every investigative body in the state, Jerry Bledsoe’s never-ending soft-underbelly-exposing Rhino series, filed and pending lawsuits by untold numbers of current and former police personnel – I just don’t know what to expect from tomorrow’s get-together.

My guess, and hope, is that a new Chief (name of Bellamy) will be named.  However, with the current climate of discord, rumors and questioning that permeates our police department and city executive offices, a confab called to provide, “a major announcement regarding the Greensboro Police Department” could just as conceivably announce newly discovered criminal activity and/or herald upcoming indictments and lawsuits.

We’ve got to get all of this behind us.  Hopefully tomorrow’s news conference will be a leap in that direction.

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