The path (hopefully) not traveled

I don’t mind telling you that this sent me into a bit of a funk last week.

My Jinni was diagnosed with the same cancer, in the same week, as Elizabeth Edwards back in ’04.  They both underwent the same therapies and received the same prognosis when the doctors got through with the cruel magic that, many times, cures our women.

But, as the Edwards’ story shows, sometimes the word ‘cure’ is more of a hope than a reality.

Since their battles were with parallel enemies, the two ladies have connected a few times.  Jinni feels a pull to do so again just to offer words of encouragement that only cancer sisters can impart.

I asked Jinni if she wants to schedule a bone scan just to set her mind at ease.  She brushed me off.  Apparently it was my mind that was questioning and fearful.  My girlfriend has little real concern about her cancer’s return but we remain vigilant nonetheless.  We are on the five-year plan of periodic check-ups with various doctors who are monitoring and checking everything they are supposed to monitor and check.  But Jinni is confident that her and Elizabeth’s previously shared paths have now diverged.

There is great power in positive thinking.

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