Eating burgers and kicking doors.

The Army started looking to switch gas suppliers in Iraq back in October because it was doing the same job as Halliburton for a much cheaper price.

This shouldn’t be rocket science to figure out.  In Greensboro I can buy a gallon of gas for $1.37 which includes 23.4 cents in taxes.  Our good friends at Halliburton are charging you and me $2.65 per gallon and the crude doesn’t even have to be transported across an ocean nor taxed by the government.

You would think that our government would just quit dealing with Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR since they have fleeced us before by charging $86.00 for $14.00 sheets of plywood among other bargains.

President Bush is doing more grandstanding than leading over the whole flap IMHO.  I think that the White House is more concerned that Halliburton’s hands got caught in the cookie jar again than they are with how many cookies are actually missing.

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