She calls it “Malignant Narcissism”

And I have to agree.

Sue has a serious post about the state of the local blogoshere.  She asks

“How sad. How ugly. How un-Greensboro-like. Is our serious blogging over?”

I, too, have noticed that some local blogs and commenters therein have taken a turn to the nastier side.

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  1. Posted April 16, 2007 at 8:12 am | Permalink

    Correcting identity: I did not call it malignant narcissism. A local blogging acquaintance used that term and I made it the title of my post.

    The original:
    We’re struggling with and suffering from “malignant narcissism� evidenced by some blog commenters, one acquaintance said this afternoon.

  2. Brenda Bowers
    Posted April 16, 2007 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    David, I never go near Sue’s site so haven’t read her blog, but I must challenge your contention that “malignant narcissism” is new to the local blogosphere since the most virulently “malignant narcissismâ€? is exhibited by the man some have given the title Blog Father. As an example of this narcissism you may check Joe’s blog “….Faith Based Initiativesâ€? April 14 where this person shows himself in this regard very well.

    As for “serious� blogging, the original happy little group all agreed with each other, wore blinkers as far as local politics was concerned and got along very well. This “serious� bloggers sat back and said nothing (with the exception of Ben Holder) while the city and county officials squandered tax payer money and continued to raise taxes year after year with no accountability or conscience.

    However, we do now have a group of truly serious bloggers who are angering the elite little group by pointing out just what has been going on and trying to halt the nefarious activities that the previous “serious bloggers� let slide by them. So what do the “serious bloggers� of past glory days do? They lament the golden age of Greensboro Blogosphere and wring their hands because they can not refute the slimy politics of the area under their watch.

    Yes the group of Serious Bloggers do tend to get nasty towards and about the local criminal element among the city and county officials. When the subject is nasty as is local politics then writing about it perforce has to be nasty. There is no way to politely call feces feces; it is what it is and it stinks. As for being nasty to each other it is not to my recollection ever the case of a new Serious Blogger becoming nasty until attacked in a nasty manner by a former “serious blogger�. The yes, we tend to tell these people just where to stuff their lamentable ignorance in hopes that they will refrain from further comments.

    You David are a decent and kind and intelligent man who has difficulty seeing clearly when others are not as upright as you. Dear Lord, I remember so well being just like you, but dealing with dirt soon wears off the innocence. This a sad, but necessary if one is to combat the corruption. What I hope is that we can get this mess straightened out and you some day become a city councilman or county commissioner. You will be an honest and just politician.

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    “As for being nasty to each other it is not to my recollection ever the case of a new Serious Blogger becoming nasty until attacked in a nasty manner by a former “serious bloggerâ€?.”

    Sorry Brenda, but this is simply not true, unless Guarino is the only “new serious blogger” in your list (I don’t think I’ve ever seen him become “nasty”), or unless you have some very specific and restrictive definition of the word “nasty”. There are certainly examples of your “new serious bloggers” initiating nastiness. It’s a two way street.

  4. Brenda Bowers
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    I don’t know all the new bloggers Potatostew because I restrict myself to the political bloogers for the most part on the Greensboro blogosphere , with a few exception for people who I enjoy reading (Lenslinger) and some people I simply like as people so tho they may not always blog on an interest of mine I like to go by to read what they are doing and to say hello. (Anthony is one such special friend). So there may be nasty ones I don’t know but the ones I do know were attacked first. Now it is fine to disagree, and to disagree vehemently. The friend I mention above and I have disagreed on much more than we have ever agreed on with no nastiness and I don’t believe there ever will be any because if one of us should happen to lose it one day and yell “Dam it you Bone head!� I feel confident that there will be an apology and I feel equally confident that the apology won’t be needed because we are both basically good people and we each know it.

    I consider nasty attacking another blogger personally and berating them personally for what or how the write. As for the “serious bloggers� well we all know who the elite group members are. I am not saying they are all bad because many I read and like as bloggers and people. Some however have made it a habit to attack new people in the blogosphere. I was the victim of several. I tried being friendly and going to their site and commenting when I could honestly. I tried ignoring their jabs and preaching and put downs. However they had taken first blood so I felt justified to retaliate when I had had enough. And, I don’t play games, I go for the juggler and then continue to slap them down when ever they get in my way. No apologies. I want these people out of my life and I want them out for good.

    As for it being a two way street, yes unfortunately it is, tho my experience had been with the old self proclaimed “serious bloggers�. The way I feel about it is there is NEVER a reason to draw first blood and I do my best to live that belief in all my dealings , not just blogging.

    Actually it was declaring themselves and actually believing themselves to be THE serious bloggers that got me going. I really should have just let it go for the joke it is and just laughed. It’s this darn weather; it freezes my nose no matter how much I try to cover it up. I hate a cold nose!

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    “I go for the juggler and then continue to slap them down when ever they get in my way.”

    You should see what she does to the mimes.

  6. The CA
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    I agree entirely. Let’s start a blacklist and see if we can find a common denominator in all this nastiness.

  7. Brenda Bowers
    Posted April 16, 2007 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    Yes Ed, that was a great unintentional joke on me! After I got over my embarrassment I thought it was hilarious. In fact I copied the site and e-mailed it to all my friends, along with my “comment�. Now of course they are razing me too so just to let you know you are in good company. BB

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    Couldn’t resist.

    Try the fish, I’m here all week.

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    CA: “Let’s start a blacklist…”

    Brenda has already done that. My IP address is on it. Honestly, it’s easy enough to get around, but that’d take effort and it’s not worth it. So when people talk about others being “nasty,” it takes one, I suppose, to know one.

  10. The CA
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    That would necessarily include you, too then, wouldn’t it considering the theme of your own post? And Stew, there are also plenty of examples of “formerly serious bloggers” initiating it as well. Then there are those who pretend to be “serious bloggers” but who routinely engage in it all the while denying it completely and blaming it on the “new serious bloggers”.

    We should have a summit. Peace talks, if you will. However, like Sue, I am skeptical that any real change would occur. It hasn’t worked in the past as people fall into familiar old habits that they deny they have. So maybe we should just skip the formalities and call this what it is: A divide between the “elite” and people who counter them. It is not necessarily ideological, but like the phoney hockey stick graph on global warming, there is a strong correlation.

    That’s why the local blog scene should be viewed as recreation in large part because having a serious discussion about issues cannot be had too often without the divisions creeping in along the lines I mentioned.

    If everyone were more honest about who they are and what they believe, perhaps we could make some progress. It is the underhanded nature of so many things that go on in the local blogs that causes a lot of the problems which result in the nastiness. It’s playing the game to win in front of a neutral audience, rather than trying to have a discussion that has led us here.

    It doesn’t bother me because I recognize it for what it is, and I know where to go if I want to have a serious discussion with someone about issues. Other than a few sites, such as this one (Hoggards) and the N&R blogs (except for Lex), there aren’t many venues in the local blogosphere for such discussions.

  11. dhoggard
    Posted April 17, 2007 at 6:07 am | Permalink


    Brenda, When you say “the original happy little group all agreed with each other, wore blinkers as far as local politics was concerned and got along very well”, as one of the “happy group” I can say that you are wrong on all points except the last.

    The main difference between the make-up of the local blogosphere then and now was that we all made the decision to get to know each other in the real world. The “MeetUps” were a big part of that as well as occasional one-on-one lunches, cook-outs, and cocktails. Could be described as Sam’s “peace talks” above.

    We knew we were building something important and , for the most part, we acted that way.

    I find that the vast majority of local bloggers that I would catagorize as leaning nasty have no interest in getting to know those with whom they disagree so vehemently.

    Sam has the right idea. We should all get together and laugh it all off on a regular basis. There’s another Meetup coming soon.


  12. Posted April 17, 2007 at 8:51 pm | Permalink

    When’s the next blogger meet up with Mitch scheduled, David?

  13. dhoggard
    Posted April 19, 2007 at 6:40 am | Permalink

    Whenever you want to set it up, Bubba. I’d appreciate an invite.