8:30a – Protest preparations

I had to go to my shop on West Market Street this morning.  While there, a bunch of fire trucks showed up on Green Street next to the Lincoln Financial (JP) building.  I thought it strange for that many emergency vehicles to show up Green Street.jpgwithout their sirens blaring.  But then I remembered what was happening downtown later today.  I grabbed my camera and went for a walk.

GFD Ready.jpgLet me tell you… the Greensboro Police and Fire Departments are out in force today.

Protester.jpgAs a few protesters began to arrive, our finest were getting into position as well.

Over in front of the Old Courthouse, a gleaming new, and ominous looking vehicle pulled Swat in position.jpgup.  As soon as it parked, a bunch of GPD folks gathered around it as the back doors swung open.  Part of our SWAT team was sitting there ready for action.

I noticed a police officer snapping pictures of the armored car that had no insignia that would identify who paid for it.  I asked him, “Is that ours?”, meaning, Greensboro’s.  He smiled and said, “Yep… we got it about Armored Car.jpgtwo months ago.  That thing can withstand some serious fire power.”  Noticing something stange about the top of the vehicle, I asked, “Is that a gun turret?”.  “Sure is”, he said proudly, “But I hope we never have to use it.”Armored Car 2.jpg

“Me too”, I replied, “… but it sure is good to know it is ours.  Thanks for all you guys do.”  “You’re welcome”, the officer said, still smiling.

Today is going to be a big deal and potentially confrontational.  Here’s hoping that everyone keeps their cool. But should they not, the City is ready to respond.

Update: Later in the day I was walking by GPD’s new vehicle (above) and GPD Officer’s Association President Eddie Summers opened the driver’s side door to say hello.  He said the truck was puchased through the courtesy of our local drug dealers who have been relieved of their ill-gotten gains.  He also offered that it doesn’t have any markings in case it is needed in other police jurisdictions and to help keep as low a profile as is possible for such an imposing ”tactical armored security vehicle”.

Another officer I spoke to said the purchase price was around $250,000 and it gets about 7 MPG.  More info is available at SWATtrucks.com.

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    7 mpg???!!! I guess the GPD is part of that “no such thing as global warming” bandwagon. Do ya think we can sneak in one night and convert it to biodesiel? My only consolation is that I am sure it won’t see much action here in the ‘boro