How did YOU find me?

People found Hogg’s Blog today with the following Google search phrases:

  • how to fix christmas lights” which led some poor soul to the realization that it can’t be done.
  • Judge William Daisy’s recent email joke flap was brought back to memory with the phrase “Cletis Quinticious Jenkins“.
  • Someone wanted to know “what is proper Christmas greeting to say to a Jewish person“, and what they found was this.  And a Merry Christmas to you, too.

and this intruiging search phrase…

  • Mr. Sun Guilford County Yost” which adds fuel to the speculation of who the once bright shining and obvious Guilford Countian Mr. Sun was before his abrupt eclipse from the blogoshere.

The reason this phrase got my attention was from Sun’s assumptive rebuttal of having a commenter question his identity back on 9/15/03, “First, I am not the Rhino’s Scott Yost, if that’s what the “Scott” reference is. I am not even that well-known. We’re all wasting time here, but launching flares about my identity would be beyond time-wasting.”

I actually wish that Mr. Sun would at least say hello to Cone or myself or someone. That way I would quit wondering and worrying why such a bright light could burn out so quickly. (an example).  Sun probably found that he was spending waaay too much time not making money by entertaining us all. 

One word Sun: moderation… oh, and one more… OK several more… Saddam Hussein was captured… found in a hole, with some money, and he wants to negotiate.  How can you resist a comment?

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