Leatherheads in Greensboro

 Update: Wharton has more pictures and my same sentiments regarding the irony of it all.

“Do I need to comment on the irony in the fact that the old stadium’s charm has managed to attract the attentions of two major Hollywood productions (Bull Durham and Leatherheads), but Greensboro’s own citizens were not willing to put up the money to renovate it?

No, I do not.”

The Aycock Neighborhood is all abuzz with George Clooney and a cast and crew of hundreds hanging out down at wms-set.jpgWar Memorial Stadium while filming Leatherheads.

I walked down early this morning and watched them set up a scene.  Pretty fascinating stuff.

War Memorial’s role in this movie is not-insiwms-set-in-rain.JPGgnificant.  They have shot scenes both inside and oextras-at-lunch.JPGutside our 1923 piece of intact-but-crumbling history.

I couldn’t help noticing the irony in the use of WMS as a location for a major motion picture when viewed in the light of how little a majority the citizen’s of Greensboro care about the place.

How much money did WMS bring to the area through this one filming?  More, I expect, than we have spent on the place in the last 10 years.

Too bad the filming didn’t take place last year.  Our old stadium could have used the publicity in advance of last year’s defeated bond referendum.

Update II: Much more from the N&R including a bunch of photos.  Bonus quote from Piedmont Triad Film Commission director Rebecca Clark…

“We have one of the oldest stadiums in the country. It has wonderful character, and it’s one of a kind”

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