…and the band is windin’ low

My dad was the founding director (1955 – 1974) of the most excellent Larue County High School “Band of Hawks” in Hodgenville, Ky.  Before that he was a jazz man and blew his tenor tax with an airy tone that I, a second generation tenor player, could never quite duplicate.

The current band director of the band-that-Hoggard-built invited Dad to sit in with this year’s Larue County Jazz Band for their spring concert.  A few months ago, Dad called to have me ship my old Selmer Mark VI tenor to him so he could regain his chops.  I really would have liked to have been there for the performance, but Big brother Keith did the next best thing by putting it up on YouTube.  I thought you might enjoy it, too.

The jazzman’s still testifyin’ at 79.  Even after all these years… that airy, sultry tone of his still confounds me…

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    As the mom of a former Grimsley Jazz-Bander, I’ve sat through some concerts and loved most of them. I can hardly imagine how the KID of mellow musician must feel. Sweet sax…great video!

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