How did YOU find me?

I find myself at odds with the positions of Guilford Co. Commissioner Billy Yow much more than I agree with him but when he is right… he is right.

Embattled Health Department Director Dr. Krishnaraj is making another bad decision by clamming up about his drunk driving incident.  Yow has apparently been the only public figure that has actually had the opportunity to speak with the County’s highest ranking public health official.  The N&R reports that Krishnaraj won’t answer their questions but that Yow did, and Yow gave him some sage advice:  ”I said, ‘Dr. K., this is not going to go away. Face the press. Face the public,’

In yesterday’s Rhino Times, editor John Hammer challenged the Board of Commissioners to replace their appointed Board of Health.  He also brought up the fact that if Dr. K. blew a .22 at 3:20a on that Monday morning, then he had to have gone to work legally drunk at 8:00a.  I hadn’t thought about it, but Hammer is right.  If an employees of the Health Department had come to work drunk, that employee would probably no longer be on the public payroll.

This thing’s not over by a long shot.

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