High Point bombing: change under fire

While I take no serious issue with everything that has been said about Wednesday’s ‘One Guilford’ leadership symposium, I had one overriding, albeit macabre, thought as I sat there marvelling at such an extraordinary assemblage of Guilford County’s leadership.

What if some terrorist had learned of the meeting and decided to “think globally, but act locally” and found a way to bring down the beautiful  Hayworth Fine Arts Building onto all of our very important heads?  Would Guilford County be better off?

One thing’s for sure, such an audacious act would be an expeditious way to answer one of the key questions posed during the symposium: Where will our future leaders come from… where is Guilford’s ’farm team’?

Gone would be the mayors and much of the city councils and managers of our two largest cities.  The presidents and lieutenants of our largest foundations would have expired in the blast.  Also among the rubble would be pulled most members of our school board including our superintendent and his assistants.  The majority of our County Commissioners along with the highest ranking county management – kaput.  The N&R lost most of its management and many of our largest corporations would be unexpectedly starting the process of hiring new leadership.  Our high sheriff and several chiefs of police died.

How would we – or rather you, because I’d be among the casualties – carry on if this county had to start all over with new leaders,  new attitudes, new ideas and with new approaches?  What baggage would we throw overboard to keep our county floating and moving forward during a very trying time?

Interestingly, Skip Alston and Billy Yow were playing a round of golf together that morning.

I’ll stop right here because it occurs to me that I have a N&R column due this weekend for Wednesday publication.  My macabre thinking might just need some fleshing out in print.

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  1. Doug Clark
    Posted May 18, 2007 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    David, I appreciate your wicked sense of humor. Maybe we should ask if a terrorist would bother wiping us all out. Our goal should be to make ourselves a more valuable target.

    Thanks for attending.

  2. Posted May 18, 2007 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

    Apparently, Skip wanted to complain about not being featured rather than show up as a participant so he and Mr. Yow played golf instead. That’s the problem with Guilford County leadership: they think they can lead ONLY if they’re sitting on a stage. Real servant leaders don’t care where they sit.

    Al Barnett’s friend was right. Watching GC Commish meetings makes everyone’s head hurt.

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