I am improved

Got up at 5:40 this morning to drive to Raleigh so I wouldn’t miss it, if I did there would have been hell to pay in Wytheville, VA.  I’m talking a mandatory 8-hour Driver Improvement Program (DIP) that only set me back $75.00, just the thing to make a serious (84/65) Virginia issued speeding ticket stay away from my insurance company’s prying computers..   

The Wythe County lawyer that Greensboro attorney Don Vaughan found for me set me back $350.00, court costs were $62.00 and I had to also pay $50.00 for another Driver Improvement Program in VA that I was not required to attend, but still had to tithe.

I learned soooo much.

  • Seat belts save lives

  • My “driving profile” that I filled out indicates that I drive mainly for “fun”.  (I haven’t had “fun” driving for many years – mainly since I wrecked my old Triumph TR-6 back in college).

  • Stop signs mean “STOP”, not roll slowly.

  • Char-Grill still makes the best hamburger on the East Coast

  • The instructor is a Carolina fan and lives an hour from Raleigh

The last point is important because the class was scheduled to go from 8am til 5pm.  The Carolina game was to start at 4pm.

She talked very fast, kept checking her watch, convinced us that we should all change our “bad driving behavior” and complimented us on being a “quality” class.  She said that because of our “quality”, she decided to dismiss us promptly at 3pm.

You just have to love those Carolina fans… sometimes.their addiction is useful to us old Kentucky boys.

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