License plate # DUBLHUNG – pt2


Let me be clear: should you lose or otherwise be relieved of your checkbook - don’t walk, but run, to your bank and put a ‘freeze’ on the account.  The first check was illegally passed out of my business account within two hours following the the taking of my truck.  Had I not immediately frozen my account, I would be fighting to get back the $750.00 that someone named Victoria N. Cheek deposited into her checking account at some local WalMart bank.

The sharp people at RBC Centura faxed me a copy of check #780 a few minutes after calling me to verify whether or not the check was legit.  I immediately took the check to the UNCG police department who – and this will be important to know later – advised me to call the Greensboro police and file a fraud case.  I did make that call, so now I had two separate cases running in two different jurisdictions.

At this point, it was Thursday, May 24th.  One week post-larceny.  But I was still hopeful for the return of my truck since that was also the day I had my initial stolen vehicle report corrected for several errors including the wrong license plate #, and the V.I.N.

Come to find out, the license tag that had initially been entered into the statewide “hot list” (DBLHUNG, as opposed to my DUBLHUNG) was registered to some bloke downeast who coincidentally drives a white, one ton, 2001 truck that looked just like mine.  Only difference is, his is a GMC make instead of a Chevy.  Hopefully he didn’t get pulled over and arrested while his license plate was on the statewide alert list.

After freezing my checking account, I drove to Centura Bank on Battleground to open new checking accounts.  This was going to have be done regardless of the stolen checks because the Secretary of State had just issued my company its new legal status the day before.  My company was now legally known as Double Hung LLC.

When it came time to order checks, my banker inquired if I use QuickBooks to manage my business.  I told her I did, so she suggested that it would be cheaper for me go out and buy some check stock and print my own.  I thought that to be a great idea and left the branch with two new accounts with plenty of money of them.  Of course my debit cards were no good anymore, but I had these nifty ‘starter checks’ to see me through until I could figure out how to print my own.

I didn’t find out until the next day about the pitfalls I would encounter, nor the wondrous possibilities that open up when you gain the ability to print your own checks.  Criminals have known it all for years.

More to come… check back tomorrow.

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