“Demoralized” and a “bloodbath”

A f…..g bloodbath“, is how one N&R insider described happenings down on Market Street according to Ed Cone’s ever-expanding coverage of yesterday’s painful employee cuts at our local daily.

Another of Ed’s background sources offers this…

“…most reporters at the paper were demoralized well before today by management’s incapability to do the things on the Web site they’ve been talking about for years. Demoralized by the Wray coverage, which hurt our credibility — not necessarily because it was wrong, but because Lorraine never should have gotten a single byline on it (appearances, unfortunately, matter). And demoralized by continued attrition, which was really hurting the quality of the paper. Today was just the slathering of a whole hell of a lot of icing on the cake.”

Hopefully Landmark Communication, the N&R’s parent organization, is reading what their ex, and current, employees are saying – mostly anonymously – at Cone’s and probably elsewhere.

As for me, from the short list of the names so far identified as among the let-go’s I am most saddened to hear that long-time features reporter Maria C. Johnson was among is among them.  Also, I know the JR has a daughter graduating from Grimsley this weekend.  The grim task he undertook yesterday has surely transformed what was to have been a joyous weekend into something else altogether.

But that would likely pale in comparison to any of the now-jettisoned N&R staffers who also might have had celebrations planned for this weekend.

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