I am improved

I sure wish that N&R head editorialist Allen Johnson would post his columns on-line.  He and I are so much of the same mind so much of the time that I could ghost write for him while he took a trip to the beach.  The average reader wouldn’t know that he was on vacation.

This morning Johnson laments the growing abandonment of accountability that is permeating our elected bodies in Greensboro and Guilford County.  I couldn’t agree more.  I am so concerned about it that I might just run for City Council.

Guilford County Government – Our Board of Health is, in effect, condoning drinking and driving as evidenced by their handling of Health Director Krisnaraj’s “punishment” for blowing a .22.  The entire Board should be replaced since they obviously don’t take the public’s health seriously enough. 

Dr. Krshnaraj should do a little self-punishement and refuse his $600 monthly car allowance  – he cannot justify it since he can’t drive.  If one of both of these doesn’t happen – the voters need to re-exert their authority next November

Greensboro City Council – In the face of much criticism of coliseum related matters, our City Council and their appointed War Memorial Commission have responded by abandoning any oversight of the Coliseum Complex and given total control of the facility over to Matt Brown and the City Manager’s office.  The Council doesn’t feel that they have the time, nor expertise, to help manage one of Greensboro’s most important assets.  The city’s staff says this is best for the City and the Council obviously agrees.  For the most part, the Council has become a bunch of yes (wo)men – not by choice – but because of pragmatism.  If “staff” says it is so, it is so.  If anyone (like the N&R or Rhino)  dares to question what the staff recommends they are rebuffed.  I am surprised the the N&R hasn’t yet been called a naysayer – it will come.

Although our Members of Council are well-intentioned and highly informed citizens, with an annual stipend of only $9,500 they simply can’t afford to take the time required to get the information they need to make well-informed and independently arrived-at decisions.  They have businesses and jobs to attend to so they can make the house payment.  Because of this they rely, almost 100%, on information that is given them by the city staff.  I’m not making this up – most of them have told me of the dilimma and it frustrates them.   The Council expends as much energy on City business as it can afford but they need to spend more to really get to the bottom of matters like the Coliseum

Guilford County Board of Education – This much-improved elected body needs to reel my representative Deena Hayes, closer to shore.  When Hayes decides to actually attend Board meetings, the only thing she is good for is unsubstantiated stirring of the racial pot.  She has done nothing positive for the students in Guilford County since she took her seat that I can tell and I have little use for “racism is the root of all evil” diatribes.  Hayes’, and other black leader’s, self-promoting-chip-on-the-shoulder firebrand style is sooo 1960′s.

She, and other black Guilford County leaders need to stop blaming white folks for the plight of failing students in our school system.  Although it is a multi-faceted problem to solve, the racial acheivement gap is normally mirrored by an involvement gap on the part of parents – both black and white.  Parents and others can’t keep expecting the school system alone to improve and educate children, teachers do the best they can with what is sent them.  Parents must understand that they are their children’s most important educators.  Without a high level of parental involvement, parents have few bitching rights. 

I liken parental involvement to voting.  If you don’t vote, then you take what you get.  If you choose not to involve yourself in the education of your kids, then you take what you get.  Ms. Hayes: Quit pointing out what you think is wrong and actually do something to get more parents of your race involved in the schools.

Johnson: “The common theme in all three cases is an absence of outrage, a rush from judgement by the people who are theoretically in charge.”  We need the people whom we elect to truly be in charge. We don’t need elected leaders that will continually squander the confidence that the voters have placed in them.

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