Blogging Takes a Holiday – Change is in the Wind

Christmas Eve was hectic… lots of buying, wrapping, neighbors, friends and general merriment.  Fell asleep on the couch after almost forgetting to hang the stockings with care.  I awoke at 3:30 with a pair of eyes staring me down.  Jesse (9) was in the chair next to me willing me awake… and it worked.  I stumbled up to bed and admonished him to let everyone sleep a while longer.  He knows about Santa so I couldn’t use the tried and true “you have to be in bed, or he won’t come” routine.

Josie (12) tried me again at 5:00a, I grumbled and she gave up.  At 5:30a everyone was up but me and they were chomping at the bit so Jack (14) came up for another apppeal.  I stumbled down stairs, still grumbling and almost tripped over the packages arranged by receiver in the middle of the floor.  Jinni already had coffee made which was needed.  Did you catch the part about the merriment above?     The ripfest began.

Advice to women:  Be sure the man in your life gets a toy EVERY Christmas to satisfy the undying boy that resides within.  My toy this year came from daughter Josie – a laser measuring device.

The balance of the day has been very relaxed.

Tomorrow we load up and head for Kentucky to see family.  Because Radio resides on a stationary PC I’ll not be blogging again until our return next year in time for the kids to get back to school on the 5th. 

I hope everyone will have a great start to the New Year and that good fortune follows you through December ’04.


Got a call on Thursday that may change my life profoundly.  For 15 years I was a sales manager for a large musical instrument company.  I resigned in 1999 for an offer of what I hoped would be bigger and better things, but we are struggling.  My old territory of North and South Carolina is opening back up. 

I truly miss the music business and have already made contacts with all of my old friends at multifaceted Kaman Corporation and I am applying a full court press to get myself rehired.  It would be great to represent these great products (among many others) again.

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