Double Hungs around the world

double hung.jpgI have found that t-shirts bearing my company’s logo are becoming a sought-after item.  There’s something about the name Double Hung that seems to appeal to some of the more, um… shall we say… dirty minded among us.  I will admit here the double entendre’ was quite intentional.

But my company’s slogan, “Don’t replace… repair“, is a serious appeal to those who have been hoodwinked by when-in-rome.jpgthe huge window replacement industry who tell people that new-fangled windows made of petroleum products and glass are somehow superior to the craftmanship found in 100 year-old fenestration.

when-in-rome-ii.jpgAnyway, I give out t-shirts to friends from time to time and Ed Cone was one of them.  Little did I know that the shirt would be adopted by one his children who would choose to wear it during a recent family visit to Rome; a city where my company’s slogan gets taken very, very seriously.  (Click images to embiggen)

Meanwhile… David Wharton writes a post on the replacement of windows at UNCG’s Aycock Auditorium that I wish I’d written.  He captures the essence of what happens to the asthetics of an old building when the original windows are replaced and compares the resulting look, successfully, to Ed McMahon’s teeth.

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    Why not set up a shop at Cafe Press or other Internet vendor to hawk your wears? No inventory or expenses, just sales.