Glad to be home!

Happy New Year!

Got back from Kentucky late on Sunday.  Dorothy is right, “there’s no place like home” and that applies to both NC and KY.  It was great to see everyone but the trip is arduous.  Nine hours up, no two nights in the same bed, more hours of travel between families. 

Itinerary included: Bowling Green for Jinni’s family, up to Louisville at brother Keith’s place for my crew, then down to Hodgenville to check out Dad’s new truck and make sure that my boyhood home was still intact, back down to Bowling Green for New Year’s and paintball at “the cabin” (more later on this) then back to Greensboro.

Next year, we are going to figure out how to bring everyone here or some other neutral ground.  We’ll pitch tents if we need to but with the current weather everyone could just pile in to my big ol treehouse in the back yard.

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