Unintended child neglect

I can relate to the unidentified woman in this N&R story whose 2 year-old was discovered roaming the streets unattended yesterday.

One day, many years ago, we couldn’t find our at-the-time 3 year-old daughter Josie in the house.  Jinni thought I had her and I thought Jinni had her.  After feverishly looking checking every room, we went out the door to look in the front yard.

To our horror, we saw her being led by the hand by one of Greensboro’s finest up Cypress Street.  My diapered daughter had made it all the way to the sidewalk along busy Yanceyville Street when the policeman spotted her.

He gave us a well-deserved dressing down, but no charges were filed.  A trip to the hardware store was required to keep our front storm door from getting opened by the toddler.

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