Pipeline vs Mill, cont’d

The N&R’s Jim Schlosser is following the dynamite blasts for Greensboro’s new sewer line that is now winding its way through Latham Park.  But today’s article also gives us an update on where they aren’t blasting…

“Revolution Mill Studios …has persuaded the city to delay blasting 8 feet from a 1915 mill warehouse. …Engineers for the city believe no harm will result. Revolution Mill’s engineers say it might.   … (Water Resources head Allan) Williams says the dispute is delaying the project, which should have already been past Revolution Mill. Once blasting is done in Latham Park, workers will be idled until the city and Revolution settle their dispute.The delay, Williams says, has cost the city about $100,000.”

Shortly after this follow-up post about the subject last month, Allan Williams called and left a message on my cell phone which I should have mentioned before now.

He was concerned that the whole blasting thing had become an “emotional issue” and that Revolution Mill Studios was not in danger of being harmed because of the highly-engineered manner in which the blasting was to be carried out.   But, he was mostly concerned about this statement of mine…

“…neither the city nor the pipeline’s contractor has publicly accepted liability for likely damage to the National Registry property”.

Williams said this is just not true.

I wrote my earlier posts after speaking at length with Jim Peeples, one the principals in the Revolution Mill endeavor.  At the time, it was Jim’s impression that liability for possible structural damage had not been accepted by either the city or the contractor.  Hopefully Peeples’ concerns have been satisfied on that count.  I will check with him and see.

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  1. jwg
    Posted July 27, 2007 at 7:03 am | Permalink

    “Williams said this is just not true.”

    So, who did he say is liable?

  2. Posted July 27, 2007 at 7:43 pm | Permalink

    I think he said the contractor assumed all liablity.

    At the time of my conversation, Peeples was obviously not persuaded that all of those issues were resolved, however.

    I didn’t get time to go see him today. But will soon and find out why the project is being held up (from his perspective).