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My bi-weekly N&R column is due into Allen Johnson’s inbox by noon on Monday but I realize that I’ve not yet posted the last one.  As a part of the N&R online revamp, they have graciously included space for my offerings.

As the son of a band director, I have a special appreciation for the influence of music on children’s lives.  so when I discovered on the first day of school that Aycock Middle’s band, orchestra and chorus is being made to meet during ‘homeroom’, it pissed me right off.  So I wrote about it.

I am really over the push for public schools to ‘teach to the test’ to the detriment of actual learning.  Music is learning of the highest and by curtailing it as they are, our administrators are demonstrating exactly how far their heads are up their…. well, you know.

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  1. Kelli Rush
    Posted October 9, 2007 at 8:59 am | Permalink

    Mr. David Hoggard,
    Thank you for this N&R column. My son is a sixth-grader at Aycock, and I was disappointed that to find that the band class is so short, a problem created by the administration’s decision to lengthen science and math instruction.

    The school created the zero period for band and orchestra in an attempt to allow music instruction to continue, but this is not a perfect solution because it creates a seven-hour school day, which I believe is too long.

    Thank you for drawing attention to this issue.