All in the ‘hood, all in one week

People and activities from my ‘hood were in the N&R this week and I neglected to point them out.

First, in the print version of this week’s Inside Scoop, Jeri Rowe scooped an upcoming feature in Yes!Weekly by telling of neighbor Jay Ovittore’s planned bid to unseat Rep. Howard Coble.  Although I didn’t see ex-neighbor Jeri in attendance, last weekend’s “…house party in Greensboro’s Aycock Historic District.” was actually a backyard bash two doors down from the Hoggard mansion and was more fun than people are supposed to have.

In addition to Jay’s stint on drums with “The Radials”, my neighbor Shawn Patch’s band was later augmented by anyone who thought they could carry a tune or a beat.  Among the sitter-inners was yours truly on keyboards, son Jackson on drums, and Prof. Wharton wowed ‘em with his banjo pickin’.

Then, later in the week….

As near-in hosts to the throngs of folks attending the A&T Homecoming parade, Aycock is used to an inordinate number of cars parking on our streets all that day.  We welcome them because most of us make the annual pilgramage to Lindsay Street’s amazing sights, sounds, tastes and smells ourselves. 

But this year’s crowd was a bit different, as neighbor/friend Dean Fox points out in a letter to the editor published Thursday.  He was “extremely dissappointed” by the amount of trash left on our streets and tossed into his yard two Saturdays ago.

It didn’t take long for a lone commenter to place a typical, one word, Greensboro take on Fox’s admonition of some inconsiderate Aggie homecomers.  Brave, anonymous commenter ‘nitpicker’ writes: racist.  The nitwit ‘nitpicker’ obviously doesn’t know anything about Dean Fox.

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    The anon commenter doesn’t know anything much about “trash,” either. It comes in all colors.