I’m pleased our City Council is convening tonight for an “Emergency Meeting” to examine Greensboro’s escalating murder rate, but I’m afraid what they will hear from Chief Bellamy is that Captain Hastings’ got it right in today’s N&R:  There is not much our police can do to curb such random violence. 

“If you have a pattern of crimes, the police can respond to it.  One person getting angry at another person and having a gun, we can’t do anything to prevent that.”

Meanwhile, I would like more information regarding one of Greensboro’s most recent murder victims: Was ‘Born God Supreme Thompson’ really the man’s momma-given name? 

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    “If you have a pattern of crimes, the police can respond to it. One person getting angry at another person and having a gun, we can’t do anything to prevent that.â€?

    There will always be the occasional crime that can’t be prevented but if that’s the excuse they use then we might as well set the entire city aflame and get the heck out of Dodge.

    These guys were from a group of gangsters, MS 13, with a history of criminal actions known world-wide as the most dangerous criminal gang in the world and yet the City chooses to continue with reactive enforcement– a tecnique that has never worked in the history of law enforcement– not once. It’s time the City hired police officers (at least 200 more) and put them on the street doing proactive enforcement then adding social programs to clean up the mess. Station police officers in front of known gang locations 24/7, keep them running so fast they don’t have time to sell drugs, rob and kill. Take the profit out of their enterprises and the gang leaders will high-tail-it out of town leaving the kids behind so that social workers can actually get the chance to work with them.

    Yes, the answer really is that simple. These gang leaders came here because they knew Greensboro would be an easy target and when Greensboro decides to be an easy target no more then they’ll run like the cowards they really are.

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    If you will check our the police stats for the GPD (or my blog) you will see that we had only 15 homicides in 2004. That just happened to be the first full year of Dav id Wray’s initiative of rotating shifts here experienced police officers were on the streets during the evening and night hours when violent crime takes place. The in 2005 the homicides went back up to the usual around 30 per year that is well over the national average. 2005 was also the year Mitch Johnson was always on Wray’s back and all but running the police department and backing the Black officers and police union that was demanding to go back to normal shifts. Does anyone see a pattern here maybe?

    I am asking the same question David. Dear Lord what was that mother thinking?!!BB

  3. Alan Cone Bulluck
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    According the the NC Dept. of Corrections website, that is his full name: Born God Supreme Johnson. He has, or rather had a pretty lengthy record that he was working on before he died.

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    Thanks for that, Alan.

    What a cruel thing to do to a child. Perhaps, in Born’s case as described by his record, it had some “Boy Named Sue” effect.

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    I always hated that song, David. Just hated it.

  6. meblogin
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    Great song David…. :)

    Sue is a girl’s name….right Sue?

  7. meblogin
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    next time don’t be a write in candidate…put your name on the ballot…

    Great ideas as to how to solve the problem.

    Raise our taxes and hire the police to serve and protect!!!


  8. Nick
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    Billy i rarely agree with you but on this one i do. Greensboro has needed more officers for a long time. The problem always becomes one of how do we pay for it. Citizens whine and moan when taxes are raised for city services. I’ve done my fair share of complaining in the past about taxes also. However, I also don’t expect all of our “wants” to come for free. We want better roads, better parks, better and faster police responses, better this and that. How do you propose they pay for these officers in this political and economic environment. Do they cut departments? Fire, 9-1-1, Libraries, Park and Recreation etc? If taxes aren’t raised then what?

  9. Tony Wilkins
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    If the Double Hung business ever gets slow you may want to consider a career in TV.
    Rarely do I laugh out loud on anybody’s blog but yours (except the one case where Dr. Joe spoke about singing Kumbaya at a city council meeting).
    Sometimes on slow days I go back and read your “connect the dots” column that the N&R refused to print and I laugh until I can’t control my bodily functions. Just thinking about the look on Allen’s face as he read that just gets me.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for all the free entertainment you provided this year.

  10. Tony Wilkins
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    And by the way…I meant the laughing out loud and the free entertainment in a good way.

    I thought I better clarify that since we do occasionally disagree on a Sandy, er, I mean subject.

  11. Jacquetta Brooks
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    Born God Supreme Thompson was a very dear and intimate friend of mine. For the first time since he died, I dreamed about him last night. Gladly, he seemed at peace. Tragically, he was killed at a very young age. He will be missed dearly.

  12. A Grieving Sister
    Posted May 14, 2009 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

    Over a year after my baby brother’s death, I chose to google his name b/c I was curious if his murder was reported in the news in Greensboro (considering I do not live there). To my utter amazement, disgust, and disappointment, I found blogs making fun of his NAME. None of you people met him and unfortunately will never get to know himm. People’s comments are disgusting and hurtful. To talk so caliously about a person (a human being) who was MURDERED is unexcusable. I hope none of you ever experience the pain of losing a loved one to a senseless act of crime. May BornGOD Supreme bless you.