First Impressions

At the Inside Scoop, MMB was liveblogging last night’s City Council meeting… “(Robbie) Perkins just delivered his third “I have to abstain” speech of the night! A new record!”

Wharton watched on TV and says the way the new council counducts business, “…isn’t the way things were done before. As I said, more fun.“  Cara Michele, mainly on Trudy Wade, “…City staff better get used to it.”

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  1. Tony Wilkins
    Posted December 19, 2007 at 11:39 am | Permalink

    I thought it was humorous for TDBS to exclaim that all city staff should just “go home” if council were not going to follow the staff’s advice when just moments before she completely disregarded city legal in making a motion to adopt the MW petition.
    City Manager Mitch Johnson states he will eventually “unthaw” the hiring freeze. Apparently he intends to freeze the freeze.
    Mayor Johnson asks council seven times to vote on the MW petition because she has to pee.
    This council is exciting and last night’s meeting was fun to watch. If this continues why not have TV time outs and sell 30 second spots to advertisers?