Another… and another… and another

I ran into a city council member while shopping today who said that Mitch Johnson has no choice but to handle the latest Greensboro criminal/personnel issue in the way it is being handled.  He told me that Johnson was going to respond to today’s N&R highly critical editorial in tomorrow’s pages.  Onliners needn’t wait for Johnson’s response.

“…If the Duke lacrosse issues teach us anything, it is that when dealing with a criminal allegation, the public’s cry for release of information about an allegation can result in what Attorney General Roy Cooper termed the “tragic rush to accuse…”

True enough, that, but in light of everything else that has (and hasn’t) occured within the GPD over the past couple of years, the whole thing stills feels like foot dragging to a beleaguered public.

But wait… there’s more…  This councilman said another scandal is coming.  Like… tomorrow.  His preliminary information is that another officer might have been involved in an assault.  (Note: The previous sentence was heavily edited) Ben, of course, is on it.

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    Once they’re elected, City Council members seem to believe in personnel laws. Before they’re elected (i.e. during campaigns), all we heard about was (what we know now is a sham called) transparency. It’s a great sounding word to throw around during a campaign, and it’s a great goal, but it’s often against the law.

    Never you mind, just keep on saying it during a campaign and the truth be damned.

    Shoe fits differently when you have to wear it, eh?

    Why aren’t any City Council members blogging? Too much “transparency” for them?

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    “True enough”

    No, it’s not, and Johnson’s insistance on this backasswards excuse is insulting to us and should be an embarassment to him.

    The Duke lacross players were able to be “Nifonged” precisely because a public official withheld information. Johnson’s “reason” that the city can’t release information because to do so might create a situation similar to one caused because information was conceled is just moronic.

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