Rankin-King Farm

I had the opportunity to walk the grounds of Rankin-King Farm this past week and was as struck by the place as N&R reporter Jim Schlosser and photographer Joseph Rodriguez obviously were.  The term “frozen in time” was coined for places like that.  Rodriguez filed a wonderful photo essay that faithfully captures what was, as Schlosser suggests, “…surely the last working farm deep within the city.”

Developer George Carr called me to come out and develop a preservation plan for the original windows and interior trim in the nearly pristine Bungalow that will become the centerpiece for his new development.  The evaluation took about 30 minutes, wandering around the grounds taking in the sights consumed considerably more time.

(From the ‘For What It’s Worth’ department:  My paternal grandfather’s first name was Rankin.  Never heard it used before or after as such.)

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