Growing discontent

The fallout from the latest information gap at City Hall will likely reign over us for days.  Here’s what I’ve found so far…

Update: Spag unpacks Mitch Johnson’s mid-day statement (Word file) and ends with: “…The whole lot of them need to be replaced or the elected officials will certainly be replaced. I believe consensus has been reached, and it is time for the City Council to act swiftly.”

And another: From JR, the N&R’s Chief Editor: “… Johnson’s response seems to begin with blaming the newspaper.  … We ain’t perfect, but this hot potato isn’t ours.”

Unprecedented: The Rhino has posted yesterday’s article 3 days earlier than normal… “Rhino has memo city denies

Joe Guarino: “…These persons, however, made the City Council and the News and Record appear foolish, because they acted in a manner that they presumed to be immune from accountability.”

Cone: “…At some point the issue of competence has to be raised.”

Wilkins:  “…Current problems in the city did not develop overnight and they’re not going to be corrected overnight. I hope we can give …(t)he current council a chance to produce before we chant, “it’s deja vu all over againâ€?.”

Greensboro Politics (who has not yet learned that the very best way to thwart comments is to ask a rhetorical question): “…If Johnson is not fired or reprimanded for allowing his staff to behave in such manor will you lose trust in the council?”

Bill Knight: “…The case against the city manager grows longer each day. How long must we endure his leadership and have him speak for the city when his credibility is in shreds? … Mitchell Johnson needs to go.”

Piedmont Publius‘ understatement with a shred of hope: We have leadership issues here in Guilford County. Let’s hope elected officials take them seriously and address them head-on with the mindset that things need to change.”

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  1. Posted February 8, 2008 at 5:31 pm | Permalink

    Will somebody PLEASE ask Jim Melvin or is his silence a confirmation and approval of this series of “events”.

  2. how long?
    Posted February 9, 2008 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    I just read Mitch’s written statement about the “memo”.
    Mitch: “black book” was a breach of trust and David Wray had to be locked out of his office.
    David: oh, “that” black book, You asked for a black book for racial profiling of all black officers, thats just a line-up book.

    Mitch: oh, “that” memo, that did not match the document in question.

    Mitch should be locked out for breach of trust and have a Janitor handle his exit as he did to Wray.