Cableing up

I have spent the last half hour looking for the cable that will effortlessly (kidding) allow me to transfer music from my laptop to my cell phone – a nice Qualcom/LG model.

Looking through my drawer full of USB to whatever adaptors, I count nine of the little bastards.  None of them fit into the little slot on my phone.

AC adapters and USB cables are to “wireless” devices as ink cartridges are to printers: a pain the the ass for us mere users but major profit centers for the folks who sit around and devise a million off-by-a-hair ways to create things that don’t communicate with each other.

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  1. Posted February 23, 2008 at 4:59 pm | Permalink

    I’ve got a cell phone that takes pictures but has no place whatever to hook anything up to it to upload them to a computer. I didn’t buy it with taking pictures in mind, I bought it simply for the long battery life (and it delivers on that score), but dang, that’s annoying.

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    Guys, my old digital camera requires a mini-connector specific to the Coolpix camera. Got it at Amazon. Had two geeks standing over my shoulder spouting, “No, not THAT one, you need THIS one.” It helps. Cost $9.

    Hogg, if your phone synchs to your computer, your cord is already there.

    Lex, I think they want you to spend 25-cents for each email you send yourself and attach a pic.

    However, if either of you has the data package, you can put your pics onto something like Flickr from your cell phone.

    If I’m off-base, continue muddling on your own and ignore my muddling. If you want some input, I’m happy to help but your real genius is DM. Take a picture and post it or get someone with a cord to do it for you. Phone model #s always appreciated.

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    Re-thought: Lex, does your phone have a smart card, probably a mini?

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    Yeah. Just give me the make and model of phone and carrier that it’s on. I can find the right cable for you. Unfortunately, depending on who your provider is, and how they’ve locked transfers, you might not be able to move things back and forth such as music.

    Personally, I usually just do the transfers via Bluetooth to my computer. But again, it depends on if the carrier has locked that functionality (of which, they do … thus make, model, carrier help).

    On second thought, just email me about it since I don’t check blogs replies that much. lol.

  5. Keith
    Posted February 25, 2008 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    If you DO need a cable,buy it at one of your local mom-and-pop computer stores. You’ll save yourself some bucks. A cable that Best Buy, CompuUSA, etc. sells for $25+ will most likely cost you $10 or less at the mom-and-pop shop.