The Albright House

Preservation Greensboro’s Benjamin Briggs has the skinny on what may turn out to be one of Greensboro’s oldest structures.  The Albright House, across from Friendly Center, is to be transformed into the headquarters for The Junior League of Greensboro, Inc. 

I visited the building for the second time yesterday to refine the scope of work Double Hung was asked to address.  Briggs and the State Preservation Office determined that elements of the eight double hung windows in the original structure have survived for over 150 years.  (top 6 pane sash circa 1850′s – bottom sash, fashionably changed out from 6 panes to 1 circa 1920′s).  We are also proposing new wooden storm sash to enhance the building’s appearance, protect the original sash and make it more weathertight.

The League is to be commended for taking their time and doing right by what was once one of Greensboro’s most endangered historic properties.

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