Bill B. – “Can’t win without him”

Since I was interviewed and oft-quoted in Allen Johnson’s column about Bill “Rove” Burckley, I thought I’d add a little more to it.

Allen was genuinely suprisise at Bill’s client list.  I wasn’t.  I’ve know for years that Bill would help anyone he thought he could; just for the asking and (in my case) for little compensation.  When I ran for Council in 2003, he and I were on the same side of that “wierd” stadium issue and it was during that time that I came to appreciate Burckley’s depth of knowledge on how to crunch voter numbers and exploit trends.

One of my opponents in the at-large race was none other than Burckley himself.  He bettered me in the primary placing 4th with me sliding in at the 5th spot which propelled us both into the general election.  Bill called me shortly after and said he would trade out some data to create a “walking list” that contained only high probablility voters.  All he wanted in return was a set of CD’s containing my extensive library of 60′s and 70′s music I had downloaded during the heyday of free Napster.

I agreed and he brought the data right over.  I, however, was quite tardy in getting my in-kind trade to him.  (Actually, I’m not sure if I ever did).  From that list, I and several volunteers went knocking on doors of only voters who had cast a vote in at least 2 of the previous 3 municipal elections.

I whooped Bill’s a*s in the general election finishing just out of the 3-way money in fourth place.  He slid to fifth place and I attribute much of that a*s-whoopin’ to the expertise of my opponent – Bill Burckley.

Bill and I have remained friends ever since.  However… even I have been subjected to an occasional Burckley “(expletive) chewing” from time to time, but I always come away from it with my eyes opened wider to local goings-on and political realities.

Cone and JR have more, mainly about the pitfalls that might befall public officials who blog and subsequently become loose-lipped targets that Bill B. and his ilk live to exploit – as he did in the Carmany/Wade campaign.  My answer to that: if you are in office, go ahead and blog – we desparately need the transparency.  But it would be a good idea to put Bill on retainer before you offer your first post.

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