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Although I’m on vacation in Florida for the week, I had to break blog silence to amplify a story in today’s N&R.

N&R on Leatherheads, the movie… “…the preservation of historic structures such as the train depot and Greensboro’s War Memorial Stadium were what drew the film crew to North Carolina.”

But, despite star Renee’ Zellweger’s impression that, “There’s a clear appreciation for the historic value of architecture in this area“,  the current plans are to demolish three-fourths of WMS - one of only two city-owned National Registry of Historic Places properties.

Actor/director George Clooney obviously ‘gets it’ regarding the value of historic preservation.  “You can’t re-create places like this“, says he.

No, but we sure can tear it down, George.  And probably will. 

Are we just stupid, or just blind to the importance that old stadium has played, and should continue to play, in our history?

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    You are invited to the meeting of the Greensboro Citizens for Clean Elections advocating for public funding of Greensboro City Council elections will be held today (Thursday March 27) at 5:30 pm in Sternberger/ Tannenbaum Conference Room A at the central branch of Greensboro Public Library. For more info: