A new Lowe

It only seems fair that judge Henry Frye, Jr. should treat Sydney Lowe, Jr.’s accomplice with similar leniency as the Wolfpack-connected A&T student/felon.

Apparently the main difference between the two cases is that Lowe, Jr.’s daddy was able to pay a decent lawyer to get his son’s several prior misdemeanor charges dismissed.  Martin’s failure to properly ‘lawyer up’ likely resulted in his prior two misdemeanor convictions and are being served up as “mitigating factors” for the judge’s sentencing decision that could go to 30 years.  It just wouldn’t be right for Brian Martin to receive a heavier sentence than Lowe seeing as Martin “…didn’t own the weapons used in the incidents“, according to the N&R, and that Lowe had more charges. (Did Lowe own the guns?… I’m unclear)

I realize that my take includes little in the way of how such matters should work according to the “guidelines”, but Frye has already opened the door for randomness in jurisprudence.

Guilford Sheriff B.J. Barnes might be thinking that Frye misread the tea leaves in Lowe’s case about now.

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  1. JC
    Posted July 24, 2008 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    Now they find him with a weapon. That judge really messed up. Maybe he was in awe of the Lowe name.