“Crumbling faster than expected…”

That depends on whether or not you have been paying attention.  Back in ’02, when the case was being made for the new downtown stadium, WMS advocates warned that without the facility demands and upgrades required to continue serving minor league baseball crowds, the old stadium’s deterioration would only worsen until saving it proved too costly and the 1926 structure would be mostly demolished.

Nobody’s talking about tearing it down…“, was the mantra coming from those who threw around the “naysayers” label.  Turns out, the pro-WMS people were, in fact, soothsayers instead.

Whenever War Memorial Stadium’s inexorable march toward its appointment with the wrecking ball makes the news, I usually get calls for comment.  Yesterday it was from WXII TV’s Bill O’Neil.

As Cone points out, Greensboro’s other War Memorial is headed down a similar path if we don’t do something about it soon… and the price won’t get any cheaper as the year’s roll by.  However, many of the same well-healed people who pushed so hard to abandon WMS are heavy supporters of WMA, so the $50M bond to fix the place up will probably pass this time around.

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  1. mick
    Posted August 21, 2008 at 12:42 pm | Permalink

    Yep. I’ll bet it passes as well. Ill vote yea. I just hope the well heeled precincts vote for the P&R Bond as well. Given past performance of certain precincts on Natatoriums…. I have my doubts.