“Monumental challenge”

In addition to the N&R’s editorial outline of the “monumental challenge” of what to do with War Memorial Stadium in yesterday’s ‘Ideas’ front, Allen Johnson repeats the paper’s opinion of what needs to happen as he narrates this online pictorial presentation showing the stadium’s glory days as well as its current, pitiful state of disrepair.

It’s all good.

Although the piece suggests that the current discussions and emerging proposals are with an eye to “move” the Farmer’s Curb Market across Yanceyville Street into a reconfigured WMS, the idea under consideration is for the Curb Market to expand onto the stadium’s grounds. That is the direction this thing seems to be headed.

The Market, in its current intimate setting, is wildly successful and growing by leaps and bounds of late due to the rising popularity of buying local.  What the market needs is more space, not a different location.

I have been to countless meetings between “stakeholder citizens” and city staff over the years, but last week’s meeting held to discuss the formulation of options to bring before our City Council regarding the future of War Memorial Stadium was extraordinary in its level of palpable excitement and agreement.  This “adaptive re-use” plan for WMS and surrounds being forcefully and fully championed by Councilman Robbie Perkins has strong legs and, just as importantly, it is the right thing to do.

It is gratifying when a plan (circa 2002, huge PDF file) suddenly falls together, not to mention how amazing it is what all can get accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit for getting it done.

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