ConvergeSouth prep while you slept

The Boston butts hit the cooker around 6:00 this morning and are already emitting a heavenly aroma around the neighborhood.  It started to rain about the time I closed the lid.  No matter.

I’ve rented some tents just in case the weather doesn’t break.  As for The Radials gig on the deck, a large tarp will be strung up that will cover most of the deck and yard to keep electric shock to a minimum for the guys.  We’ve done this before in the rain… with our annual Kentucky Derby Party a few times, and, I believe it was, ConvergeSouth the first.

Sue emailed yesterday to ask if I’d like some “mike time” this morning at the opening session.  Of course I agreed and she sent me a list of folks who need recognizing and some housekeeping stuff to impart.  So… it’s 7:45 and I’m on at 8:3Oa.  Better hit the shower to rid my self of pork smoke for a few hours.

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