Another ConvergeSouth retiree

No surprise from this quarter to hear Sue is retiring from organizing ConvergeSouth after four years.  She deserves retirement at full pension plus a gold watch.  It is a hell of a bunch of unpaid work to make such an event come off like clockwork.

Jinni and I had a similar conversation two Saturday’s ago after waking up to a front yard full of tents, grease, chairs and empty beer bottles.

Despite the fact that our annual CS BBQ is billed as being put on by a gaggle of Aycock neighbors, truth is – for the past two years – Jinni and I have fed the masses without much in the way of help from others.  This year, Ben came through to pitch in during the big feed, but the rest of it was Catering by Hoggard only.

I’d imagine that Sue has experienced a similar falling away of volunteer exuberance (JW is a very notable exception) which likely helped ease her way into retirement.

Well, sorry to be trend joiners, but the Hoggards decided to join the ConvergeSouth rocking chair crowd shortly after the last table was taken down two weeks ago.  It has been a wonderful ride, and we have made some great friends over the years.  But my old pig cooker and I feel we deserve some time off.

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    Hogg, you and Jinni have never yet once complained about lack of volunteers and I knew it was happening to you as well. But for me, although lack of volunteers was a significant issue, there were others that overrode even that big one (notable exceptions noted already). Perhaps when a new group of organizers takes shape, I can share some of my triumphs and tragedies with them in hopes they can prevent them. One thing’s for sure, volunteers are meant to start things and not run them permanently, or be replaced by new volunteers – at least in the case of this sort of event.

    Many thanks to you and your favorite gal, your entire family and neighborhood for four fabulous years of free food and fellowship.

    Hip Hip Hogg-ray!

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    Thanks for the work. (Plus the pork shoulder – we had it last night at WWE Wrestling PPV party.)

    Now, it’s your turn to enjoy.

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    Thanks Hogg for everything! Didn’t make it this year, since I was beat again. It’s pretty tiring to commute like 45 minutes back and forth, but I guess that’s what will happen from now on. lol.

    In any case, I’ve decided to lead a new team for CS’09. Those at are interested, please contact me. It might be taking a drastic directional change… who knows, but I’m pushing for a different ball game. Email: bhwang -[at]-

    I’m going to miss that pig cooker, Hogg. ;) Haven’t had any since CS06 due to being beaten to a pulp. lol. Well deserved, rest, my friend. Well deserved.

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    Well, I was never able to attend any of the functions, but…thanks anyway for what I would have enjoyed had I been able to make it. ;-) I am truly sorry I missed everything.