Weighting for land lines

Brother Keith from Kentucky just called to discuss the election and he made a point about polling data that I’ve not heard discussed. (perhaps someone can correct me on this)

From our understanding, most pollsters do their thing via telephone pulling names from a directory of some sort.  Cell phones are not listed in phone books.

Neither brother nor I know of anyone under the age of 30 who owns a directory listed land line.  Don’t the polling numbers get seriously skewed when you consider the demographic of those of us dinosaurs who still have a land line?

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  1. John Robinson
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    Shoot. I forgot to close the link. Can you do it?

  4. ben Holder
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    very important information, Mr. Hoggard. It is obvious because the Great JR has dubbed it news worthy by gracing this ever so fine blog w a comment.

    Once this election is over, will the N&R, you, Cone and everyone else that jumped on Wray and supported Mitch gonna say anything about the truth? Oh wait, I forgot, thanksgiving comes up right after the election..then we celebrate the birth of Jesus, then there is the new year..you guys will probably be really busy..no time for correcting the lies..besides…those cops deserve $750,000 because..well..because..they asked for it..it would be impolite to turn them away

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    More here, and (tangentially) here.

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    I was chatting with family and friends over the past few days. I have received ZERO Robo Calls (listed home phone), very little mail (3 pieces in last 30 days), ZERO home visits (excluding Mormons and Boy Scouts selling popcorn).

    All I can figure out is that I am a registered voter that has not missed voting in an election for as far back as the public records show.

    Not that I don’t mind. It seems like a good and growing business.

  7. John Robinson
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    The great JR! I like that.

  8. ben Holder
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    Funny how you respond to that and not any real significant questions.

  9. Keith
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    Interesting…. Obama Shows Bigger Lead in Polls That Include Cell Phones (http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/11/obama-shows-big.html)

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    I am on Skype and also have a cell phone. No calls have been received here, but I have received 1 Obama flyer and 4-5 McCain flyers in the mail.