I’m afraid that Ben is going to bust a nut unless I link to his latest on the Wray Fray, discussions regarding the city’s possible $750k EEOC settlement and other things

There are some serious issues swirling, and several local media outlets have chosen to ignore them so far.  But I don’t think they’ll be able to continue that for long.

There is talk about storming the next City Council meeting.  That ought to get a little press.

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  1. ben Holder
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    Posted on October 25, 2008 8:45 AM
    John Robinson said:

    My memory — and a quick check of our reporting — is that we never quoted Mitchell Johnson as saying the black book was illegitimate. Others raised questions about it, but not Mitch. And we quoted the chief as saying it was used correctly as an investigative tool.

    Hoggy, I have not been able to find that story the N&R did that quoted Timmy saying the Black Book was used correctly. However, I did find the article below.

    Clergy: Lift veil on probe of police unit
    Greensboro News & Record (NC)-February 8, 2006

    “The book in question includes head shots of 114 black males, including at least 19 city officers. Wray maintains that the photos were assembled for one purpose only: A woman reported that she was sexually assaulted by an unidentified black policeman, and the 19 photos were of the uniformed black
    officers working that particular shift.

    However, Bellamy said Tuesday that he has found no record of such an assault, whether in the form of a police report, a tape of the woman’s statement or any previous computer search of the black officers on that shift.”

    I wonder if the N&R really quoted the Chief saying the black book was legit? If so, I wonder if they mentioned the quote of Timmy saying he could find no evidence of the book being legit.