Action Greensboro’s donation to the Simpkins PAC

Over at Triad Watch, Keith has been looking over the 3rd quarter campaign report for the Geo. C. Simpkins PAC and found a curious donation: Page 3 of the report shows that Action Greensboro gave the PAC $5,000.

Keith posits that such a donation by a non-profit is possibly illegal due to their 501c(3) status.  Over at Guarino’s blog, long-time PAC detractor, Dr. Joe asks several questions, “…Does not this give the appearance of a quid pro quo?  Fourth, this contribution reinforces the Melderec con Simkins machine aspect of our local government.  In fact, it animates it.”

Seeing large donations on the report from NC Senator-elect Don Vaughan and newly-re-elected County Commish Paul Gibson is no shock.  Such donations are common practice among Simkins-endorsed candidates and are used to pay for mailers and other activities to help get the word out regarding endorsements.  So, yes, “quid pro quo” has long been the status quo for the PAC and its endorsees and they make no secret of it.

But why such a large donation from Action Greensboro?  They weren’t running for anything.  Was it to help get the referenda passed?

I’d like to hear an explanation.

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    “But why such a large donation from Action Greensboro? They weren’t running for anything. Was it to help get the referenda passed?

    I’d like to hear an explanation.”

    I can explain it. It’s called Greensboro politics as usual. The Bobblehead and his minions still rule.

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    David, thanks for the link, there are a few other issues that might be in need of looking at and that is the referendum committee called citizens for a better greensboro and the citizens for a better guilford. There are a lot of things that need to be reported on campaign forms that are not reported.

    You are on the P&R commission , do you know who paid for the yard signs and isn’t there supposed to be a paid for by logo on those signs?These are some of the things that are getting looked over but need to be addressed. There are plenty of other issues and me looking at campaign contributions and pointing out the discrepencies on the campaign forms is something that has been overlooked and needs to be corrected for transparency in local government.

    We will see how everyone wants to play this report from the Simkins PAC and the $5,000 from Action Greensboro. I can’t believe Skip Alston put that on form.

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    sorry david I didn’t have you linked on my blog

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    letter has been sent to the State Board of Elections. We will see what happens.