Dunleith Charrette

Neighbor David Wharton saw fit to re-stoke his blog and gives a good overview of what is occurring out at Revolution Mill Studios on behalf of the Aycock Neighborhood.

I attended last night’s “pin-up” session for the Dunleith Charrette and came away with a great deal of pride in the vision my neighborhood has for itself.

The design challenges for downtown Greensboro’s largest tract of fallow land is being met head on by a host of neighbors, builders, planners and architects.  The scenarios everyone is coming up with are forward thinking and, if implemented, will re-connect Aycock directly with downtown and Fisher Park… the latter through a re-think of the northeast section of the proposed Center City Greenway.

The real challenge to make it all happen, of course, will be how to match the lofty visions for the area with the millions of dollars it will take for implementation.

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  1. tony
    Posted November 21, 2008 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

    I hope Ms. Charrette was fully clothed.