Best All Around – that’s my girl

Got a call this morning that Jinni & I ought to come and stay for all three hours of Grimsley High School’s Senior Awards Day.  So we did.  If you are looking for the good in public education, Grimsley’s auditorium this morning would be a fine place to start.  It is a pretty amazing event.

Some of the academic and athletic awards date back nearly 100 years and are named in honor of teachers and administrators who served the school and its student for years and years.

After sitting through it all, it came down to the the last and most coveted award the school has to offer two of its graduating students.   The P.T.S.A/ A.P. Routh Best All Around Student Award is voted on by the senior class and faculty and presented to one senior girl and one senior boy in the school of over 1600 students.

Josie Hoggard’s name will be inscribed on the ancient silver platter that graces the school’s trophy case and be added to the list of the award’s winners’ hallway plaque that dates back to 1914.

We are proud of our little girl.

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    If ever there was a reason for you to return to the blog it would be to announce that.
    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hoggard and let me be the first to welcome you back.