International Banking – Conclusion

I recently ended my fishing expedition with the Nigerian and Bukina Faso contacts.  I was having fun but decided to move on.  I finally just blew them off  – however, after a little negotiation I did get the ”banker” from West Africa to agree to give me 45% of the ”TWENTY NINE MILLION NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS” instead of a measly 40% before I did so.

Come to find out, people actually have lost a lot of money with the scam which is code named “419″ by domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies - the numerals come from the relavent section of the Criminal Code of Nigeria according to one of the sites dedicated to the scam.  Through 1996, the “419 Fraud” has added over $5 Billion to the Nigerian economy alone and is the fourth largest industry in that nation.

Over the past three days my blog has been “Googled” by net surfers typing in some of the phrases found within the solicitations I have posted.  One gullible, but thankfully inquisitive, fellow out of The Netherlands actually emailed me:


i received an email from Barriste Tijani Ahmed. When i searched on the internet with his name i came out on the website where your email converstaion with Barrister is showed.

I don’t know what to think of it.

with regards, Pieter Rietbergen, The Netherlands

I emailed him back with the “419″ link above.  Geez, I guess people really do think that they could actually get 40% (45% if you are talented) of millions of dollars just for responding to an email.  I am torn between feeling sorry for the scheme’s victims and being amused at their gullibility.

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