Misquoted quotation

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity but today’s article about the relocation and restoration of one of Greensboro’s oldest residences in today’s N&R comes close.  At least as far as my business goes.

“Unfortunately, most of the windows in the house will have to be replaced. Southern Evergreen got an estimate from Double Hung Historic Window Restoration to repair rather than replace the windows, but at almost $1,000 per window, the cost was prohibitive.”… says the peice.

The window restoration quote I provided was actually $626.00 per window which included retaining the structure’s extraordinary original, wavy glass, removal of all paint and putty, replacement of several rotted sash parts, re-glazing, priming as well as refurbishment of the windows’ early – but very effective – perimeter weather stripping system.

When the group undertaking the restorations responded to my quote informing me it was “not in the budget”, I replied, “…by how much?” because I really wanted my company to be a part of the project.

I never received a reply and should have followed up.  Sounds like something got lost in the shuffle – unfortunately it is probably going to be those beautiful old windows.

Update: Come to find out I did receive a reply to my “… by how much” inquiry.  The email apparently got lost in my shuffle (actually, spam filter).

Even if I had been given the opportunity to lower my services and cost, turns out it would have been to no avail.  The information provided indicates that the budget for the house’s 22 windows was just over $4,800.00 ($219 for each unit by my calculations).  I don’t know of too many companies that could even wash the windows for that.

At that price for replacement windows, I can assure you they will be replacing the replacements in a few years.  Gotta love that vinyl.

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