It’s A Brave Blog World Out There

I know it seems that I continually mirror fellow Greensborian  Ed Cone on stuff, but he stays on top of all things blog so I don’t have to… anyway… his site led me to BloggerStorm.

I truly believe that there is real history in the making going on in Iowa right now and the phenomenon is best summed up with this quote-of-the-day (thanks Dave Winer for that and this).

Even though the site is hosted by the Dean campaign, in the true spirit of individual freedom of expression that blogging is all about, the Bloggerstorm “aggregator” captures everything that RSS feeding bloggers “on the ground” in Iowa serve up – in real time – without “big media” filtration.

You can find out the economic impact of all of the media/volunteer activity from an Iowan, to the local buzz about who is leading who, and eveything in between.

With all of the information that is and will be available through weblogs during this Presidential campaign, even live-with-breaking-news TV and radio reporting will elicit an “oh yeah, I knew that… how come they left out the part about…” yawn from those of us who have RSS subscriptions.

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