Maybe I should shut up about this, but…

It doesn’t appear that the Guilford County Tax Department knows what it is doing.

I just received tax bills for my properties that are supposed to reflect the first revaluation of real estate in seven years.  Even though I read that, on average, property values rose 31% during the period and the new worth is based on actual sales and not conjecture, they might want to go back and look at a thing or two.

In 1999 I bought two houses on one lot in the Aycock Historic District that had an assessed tax value of only $58,000 for $110,000.  I went to the Board of Adjustment and had the parcel subdivided so I could fix the houses up and resell the perpetual rental properties to owner-occupants.  Over the next three years I invested a lot of work and money in the homes and was successful in selling them both without much quibbling with the buyers over their value in the market place

One house sold for $123,000 in 2002 and the other for $107,000 in 2003.  Even though I am no longer the owner of either property, the tax department sent the Notice of Assessed Value for the parcels to me (which is another point of concern).

The total 2004 assessed valuation of the pair – $84,200.

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