Controlling the Perfect Storm

This confirms my take on the role of weblogs in this year’s Presidential race.

Just got in from a rare night out and had this email from a dear friend, John David Mardis in Kentucky upon my return.  His son David is in Iowa as one of Howard Dean’s “Perfect Storm”.  David forwarded this breathless account of the last couple of hours of his life to his dad:

“Dad, you’ll never believe what just happened at a Dean rally here in Des Moines.  Jeannine Graffalo and Joan Jett were entertaining on stage when a bunch of Bush supporters pushed into the area in front of the stage trying to upstage our rally by yelling pro-Bush stuff.  All of a sudden there started to be a lot of pushing and shoving and it began to get real ugly real fast.  I decided to get up onto the stage and tell Joan and her band that we needed to try to stop it and suggested we start singing the Star Spangled Banner . . .They handed me the microphone and I just started singing it and the crowd began pretty quickly to join in and then soon after the fighting stopped.  Jett’s lead guy and I were standing there with our arms around each other just singing at the top of our lungs.  Just wanted to call and let you know in case you saw it on TV. 


Sorry can’t talk more now . .gotta go . .Bye . .  love you . .”

My friend then added this:

“. . .the boy turns 21 a month and a half before the Nov Election, so this will be his first vote for a President.  Although I was not old enough to vote in the 1960 election,  I remember being about as excited as David (is) about JFK . . some of my band buds and I  were at somebody’s house nearly every night watching it all on TV . . and was beside myself when several of us drove down to Bowling Green to see the man himself and hear him speak.


Don’t reckon I’ve been as positive about politics since those days when the world was MY oyster . . .

 . . .these days I’m just happy to find a fresh one and eat it before it starts stinking.”

Update: I just checked over at BloggerStorm and found this account of the Bush/Dean supporter skirmish.  The DailyKos saw it too.  Des Moines TV was there (updated URL).  Democratic Underground has a thread going.  Pictures.  Comments at Atrios (scroll down).

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