Partial Demolition

The N&R documents the beginning of what may be the end for the old Burlington Industries Headquarters and other structures on N. Eugene Street that will be leveled in order to make room for a new minor league baseball stadium.

The article touches on the public costs of the “privately funded stadium” but makes no mention of the fact that the land swap agreement with DGR,LLC stipulates that the taxpayers of Guilford County will be the ones to write the check to D.H. Griffen for $387,875.00 to have our own buildings leveled.  Not sour grapes mind you, I just thought you would want to know.

The article also mentions that the initial demolition is only for the unimportant old Kroger grocery building and this will not take long to complete.  The demolition for the historic Burlington structures won’t begin for about a month.  Why the delay?  Could it be related to an informational email that I received last week?

“…Within a few months, the Petitioner’s Committee for Downtown Neighborhoods will receive a ruling from the NC Court of Appeals about whether or not a professional baseball club (the “Bats”) can operate in Greensboro’s Central Business District. Greensboro’s zoning charts show professional baseball clubs are not a permitted use in our Central Business District and are permitted only in a special district at War Memorial Stadium. This is the remaining legal issue…”

No one else is mentioning this pending ruling on the lawsuit filed last year by the Petitioner’s Committee led by former City Councilman Bill Burckley, but stay tuned… perhaps it is not over yet… although I wish it was.

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