Race among online equals (equally bad)

I just added a bunch of North Carolina political candidate websites to my links on the right.

The gubanatorial websites are all the same with the exception of Mike Easley’s, which has absolutley nothing on it.  Each of the Republican challenger’s sites have the obligatory headings and it appears that they were all developed by unimaginative developers who apparently shared template ideas with each other.  (Except for poor Timothy Cook who should have kept his filing fee in his pocket.)

There is nothing, repeat NOTHING, going on in ANY of their sites that would make me even consider helping them out.  They all (except Cook) have volunteer sign-up pages, links to every time their names have been mentioned in the press, pretty pictures of their dogs/children/pig pickin’ events and some rudimentary mechanism for sending them money (most use PayPal or this new service).  The problem is that none of them give me any reason to part with my money or my time because none of the candidates offers me any “soul”. 

Who are these people?  Except for Vinroot (Richard, white type on dark background is IMPOSSIBLE to read) and Ballantine  they are all veritable strangers to this political junkie.  Can they form a coherent sentence on their own?  What experiences jump-started their political career and made them decide to run for office?…why for governor?… why now?  Who did they speak to yesterday that made them question their position on an issue?… or are they the type who has made up their mind, and that’s that?   Who are they looking to for advice and council?  Why should I vote for you?… because you are a Republican?  Not enough… sorry… at least I KNOW what Easley is about because he is in my living room every week.

None of the candidates have demonstrated through their on-line efforts any knowledge of the interactivity or connectivity that is readily available so it looks like politics and promotion as usual in the race for Governor of North Carolina.

A little advice guys (and gal):  None of you have given me any reason to re-visit your websites, much less vote for you.  Demonstrate to me that you are a real person, with a real pulse.  If you are serious about attaining the state’s top job then let me know who you are, not who you have been

Get a life folks and pay attention to Dean and Edwards.  If you are pretty sure that you already have a life that might appeal to me, get a weblog and let me in on it.

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