Who’s in charge?

Last night I attended a social function and ran into Mayor Holliday and Councilman Robbie Perkins.  We briefly discussed an article that had just been published by the News & Record that states the City has so far run up a $300,000 deficit related to the controversial management of the Greensboro Generals hockey team.

Robbie felt that the N&R was a bit sensational in their reporting of the shortfall because the $300k includes all of the “start-up” costs that were incurred when the City first took over the management of the team.  Robbie contended that these costs are front loaded and will dissipate when amortized over the entire season.  It makes sense because any new business has to put up a bunch of one-time money just to get the doors open.

I went over to the Greensboro Sports Board to see what dyed-in-the-wool Generals fans were saying about the article.  One fan’s comment was this, “With 12 home games to go and ONLY TWO OF THEM ON A WEEKEND NIGHT, you should expect more bad news.”  There also is some discussion about ways to fill the stands that the City should heed.

I feel that Greensboro is in a similar situation with hockey as the U.S. is in with Iraq.  I wasn’t for going in, but now that we’re in we need to do the job right.

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