Extended absence/conclusions

Because of the snow and ice and no school, cabin fever set in so we headed to the mountains for some skiing (or at least what passes for skiing in North Carolina).  Every time I go I find that my 12 year-old equipment gets further and further out of fashion in an environment that thrives on the “next big thing”. 

My 210cm (6′) Dynastars have bindings so ancient that the ski shops won’t even adjust them for liablility purposes.  Used to be you could tell someone’s expertise on the slopes by the length of their skiis, now it is just the opposite.

Regarding my fishing expedition with the West African bankers and princes: Police Arrest 52 in Email Scam Raids (Reuters).

Regarding the basketball wars over Delaney Rudd’s contract with the City of Greensboro:  During the last City Council meeting the Council voted to stay with the Rudd contract and then have the Parks & Rec Department look at their options once the contract expires.  This was not reported by any local media that I could find.

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