While I am kinda neutral, leaning “leave it alone”, on the issue of the Guilford County School’s adopting a policy banning American Indian names and images as school mascots, I also believe that we need the correct information to make an informed decision.

The last line in an article in Thursday’s N&R’s states, “District officials have said switching mascots at Andrews and Southern would cost about $125,000 per school“.  When I read this I questioned what the system would have to replace to account for $250,000 so I decided to watch the televised meeting when it became available Friday evening.

Friday’s N&R again stated the $125,000 per school amount when it reported that the board had voted to adopt the policy.  The article says the amount includes replacing sports and band uniforms.

I watched the replay of the mascot related portion of the Board meeting last night.  When board member Marti Sykes asked Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier about the what changes would need to be made to re-mascot the two high schools, he stated clearly that there has been some confusion and mis-reporting about the amount.  The changes would require $125,000 total, not per school.

This morning’s editorial section included a letter to the Editor from a concerned parent entitled, “ Mascot change money could be better spent”  that picked up on the reporting.  I seems to me that the N&R could have made a comment below the letter to correct the mistke instead of perpetuating the dissimination of incorrect information.

Perhaps reporter Bruce Buchanon stepped out of the room during Grier’s explanation of the expenditure and simply missed it.  Either way – the N&R stands corrected.

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